Must Read in 2016 (casual book tag-style challenge)



Here are the rules:




I was pretty awful with reading in 2015. I had months where I would read nothing at all. I just couldn’t concentrate to read or I just didn’t care. So, here are the books that I MUST read in 2016, because I never got around to them in 2015 and I really wanted to.

 must read 2016

Honorable mention (because I’ve already read the series, but this one is so pretty, so I MUST read it):



8 thoughts on “Must Read in 2016 (casual book tag-style challenge)

  1. Winter is something I have to read as well, though I have to read Cress first.
    I have a resolution that I’m going to read all unread books on my shelves this year. It’s not bad, I have less than ten that need reading – two of those are Cress and Winter.
    I’ve heard good things about Things We Know by Love. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. I’m also trying to cut down on Contemporary and read more Horror and Sci-Fi.
    Happy New Year, Emmah! ❤

    • Cress is so good! I’m actually reading Winter currently. I’m only 136 pages in (out of 826) though haha.
      And wow, that’s a very little amount of unread books! I hope you’re able to achieve it 🙂 I’ve got 30+ unread books on my shelf. And I’m more likely to read ebooks than physical ones. I just like owning physical copies. Though I’d rather read comic books/graphic novels in their physical form.
      I’ve heard some really good things about Things We Know By Heart too! I’ve read a book of her’s already, so I’m hoping I still love her writing. I’ll definitely let you know what I think 🙂
      I used to read a whole lot more contemporary than I do now. I read mostly fantasy now!
      Happy New Year, Elizabeth! ❤

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